Change of Gods

After a long break I am back with new ideas and new gods:) My gods are Indian now. So see Vishnu on the snake Adisheesha, whose manifestation the Sage Patanjali was. “Patan” means down and “anjali” –  salutation in Sanskrit. Sounds like a fallen angel to me. But it is exactly the way Indians see him: as somebody who had fallen to Earth to reveal the truths about Yoga. If you want to know more, join me in my journey of exploration of the ancient Indian knowledge. Write an email, I’ll explain the details.


Vishnu with Adisheesha



8 March

One of the first astranauts was asked by a journalist after his flight into space.

  • Have you seen God?
  • Yes, she is black.

On this note flowers for all my female friends.

Daffodils by A. Moxx

A new year

Despite fireworks, pocket rockets and miniature satellite launchers all around my house I managed to sleep  thru the NewYear’s night. Not only that, had a lucid dream as well. See below:)

Shaman by A. Moxx


Birch sap and the birch spirit

When I was a child I used to drink birch juice a lot. My parents harvested it for me, but as a teenager I learned to cut the bark myself. You have to do this at the very beginning of spring before the green leaves appear. I liked watching the sap drip and I liked the taste. When fresh, it is a clear and uncolored liquid, often slightly sweet with a light silky texture.

But last week I saw the spirit of the birch tree in my dreams. If you don’t see his eyes it’s because I didn’t see them clearly myself. After the dream I started reconsidering my habit of birch juice drinking. I read on the net that it’s not harmful for the tree though. Well, the spirit looks very viril but maybe slightly reproachful. The red colour either shows his powers or he is Betula orientalis – the red birch:)

Birch tree spirit. A.Moxx



Time travelling

The concept of a time traveler:

Un uomo in una donna, anzi uno dioper la sua bocca parla,ond’io per ascoltarla
son fatto tal, che ma’ più sarò mio. (Michelangelo)

Some people think that when you break through and enter other dimensions you meet your ancestors or in any case some dead people or old souls. Terence McKenna was an advocate of this idea; also the shamans of the Amazon adhere to this notion. I have some other thoughts based on personal experiences.

I think these are your future descendants who you meet; they are time travelers from many centuries away. I have descendants, they will have their own, so some hundreds years later a young man will sit somewhere surrounded by transparent multiscreens. He will be fascinated by my art (I will be very famous in 500 years:), he is my distant descendant.  As he is fond of me, he will decide to time-travel and visit me. The only possible way to do this without causing some damage or influencing the future (his present) is to enter my dreams. This is what he will do (and indeed does quite often). Being interested in my fate (and actually in the value of his inheritance as he owns quite a number of my pictures) he gives me tips how to draw better. These tips he gets from the old masters entering their dreams in the same way he enters mine.

In one of my dreams this week he finally revealed himself. Strange that they still have beards in 2519:)

Time traveler by A.Moxx

Protective animals

I have started a new series of protecting animals. Here’s the first dog. And if it won’t protect your fiercely it will love you deeply:) The dog is modeled on one of Albrecht Dürer’s dogs. And I think that’s  the way Dürer would have painted it if he had painted in water colours:)

A lovely dog. Tribute to Dürer by A. Moxx