Birch sap and the birch spirit

When I was a child I used to drink birch juice a lot. My parents harvested it for me, but as a teenager I learned to cut the bark myself. You have to do this at the very beginning of spring before the green leaves appear. I liked watching the sap drip and I liked the taste. When fresh, it is a clear and uncolored liquid, often slightly sweet with a light silky texture.

But last week I saw the spirit of the birch tree in my dreams. If you don’t see his eyes it’s because I didn’t see them clearly myself. After the dream I started reconsidering my habit of birch juice drinking. I read on the net that it’s not harmful for the tree though. Well, the spirit looks very viril but maybe slightly reproachful. The red colour either shows his powers or he is Betula orientalis – the red birch:)

Birch tree spirit. A.Moxx