In preparation for my Greek Project

As I am busy with my Ancient Greece Project (Gods and heros of the Antiquity) I will be uploading some sketches for the project. Comments for this site have been disconnected, so if you have any  – per mail please: Some of the sketches will be on my instagram page as well: 

So here they are: The Ancient Warriors.

Asian New Year

Happy New Year,  dear friends. In Asia and elswhere. Below is my program for the year: A dog with a tiger and a manta ray inside. So I wish for myself and for all of you: a tiger’s courage and a manta’s flexibility.

Anna Moxx, a multinational (primarily Canadian:) artist who lives and works in Germany and Italy, prints her pictures on recycled foam and recycled plastic as part of her effort to make the world around us a better place. She is concerned with ecological issues and is planning to make her pictures completely biodegradable.

Anna is an emerging artist but she has already had several personal exhibitions.

Anna draws in ink and gel, but her pictures undergo some postproduction and that is why should be considered as mixed media.The prints are available on Forex (5 mm plastofoam) and don’t  need a frame. The prints are very high quality, very light but stable, thus easily transportable.

See an example below. “Thistles” ready for shipment.

Thistels from the Tian Shan.

You can click on the picture to see the details. You can contact Anna at : anna.moxx (at)

Zeus in the subway

I have to travel by subway every day and every day I draw there. That is when a manage to secure a seat. Once I saw him. “By Jove,  I said.  (well, actually smth less printable). And no, I didn’t draw him immediately as I don’t draw nudes on my way to work. But in the evening I made a first sketch that you can find on 

The original is mostly green and orange (Minich subway colours). But here in sepia:

Jupiter on a bus
Zeus in the subway. Contact me at anna.moxx( at)