Leonardo da Vinci rejuvenated:)

Has always wanted to redraw Leonardo’s self-portrait. As I think it is a pity that the world sees him as a very old man. Well, he used to be younger even if more than 500 years ago. And if you are worried about the copyright  – I did ask his permission:)

Leonardo da Vinci rejuvenated. By A. Moxx


In preparation for my Greek Project

As I am busy with my Ancient Greece Project (Gods and heros of the Antiquity) I will be uploading some sketches for the project. Comments for this site have been disconnected, so if you have any  – per mail please: anna.moxx@gmx.de. Some of the sketches will be on my instagram page as well: https://www.instagram.com/annamoxxart/ 

So here they are: The Ancient Warriors.